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III. CP DISTRIBUTION. makes every effort to offer its users the best possible browsing experience as well as complete and relevant information. In the event that you notice inappropriate or illicit content, we invite you to report it to us at the following address:

  1. We remind you that our general conditions of sale are accessible at any time during your navigation at the bottom of each of the pages of our Site, by clicking on the link "General Conditions of Sale" or on the link "Legal notices".

For any information or advice, you can contact us directly online, via our contact page.

  1. Site Terms of Use

Intellectual property

The Publisher holds intellectual property rights to all of the content of its website. This means that users of the Site may not download or copy and paste content protected by intellectual property rights, unless expressly authorized by law or with the prior authorization of the Publisher.

Indeed, the content of the Site is the exclusive property of the Publisher, subject to any rights of its partners or co-contractors, and is protected by laws relating to intellectual property. Any total or partial reproduction is strictly prohibited under penalty of prosecution.

As such, the elements of the Site, taken as a whole or individually, may not be the subject of any use, transformation, translation, adaptation, reproduction, exploitation not expressly authorized by the Publisher.

Any violation may be sanctioned as counterfeiting under the conditions of the intellectual property code.

The same applies, if applicable, to the databases appearing on the Site, which are protected as such by law under the sui generis right of database producers.

Hypertext links

The Site is likely to direct the user via hypertext links to other websites of the same Publisher or of third parties.

It is up to the User to consult the legal notices of these sites and to respect their possible conditions of use.

The Publisher cannot under any circumstances be held responsible for the information disseminated on the sites with which hypertext links have been installed as well as for any damages of any kind whatsoever resulting in particular from their access.

If a person directs his users to this website, the Publisher reserves the right to request the removal of the hypertext link pointing to this site if he considers that this link does not comply with his rights and legitimate interests.

You can consult our privacy policy and our general conditions of sale for more information.

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